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80's Retro Accessories

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Auburn Perm Wig

Punk glove is comfortable to 'flex' in

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Kevin Bacon - 80's Mullet

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But there's more photo's here.

Click to see larger photo of 80's Wigs Punk's can be guys or girls Cher -  80's wigs  

Lace fingerless gloves


Kevin Bacon - 80's Mullet
Mullet Wigs - See more

{$29 ea}

Black, Blonde, Brown or streaked
For Guys or Girl's


Punk glove is comfortable to 'flex' inPunk glove is comfortable to wearPunk Gloves
Fingerless, soft vinyl gloves
{$8.50} + postage

Will fit up to a regular man's hand.
Photographed on a ladies medium sized hand.
Soft vinyl with velcro closing at back wrist.
Silver stud decoration.

Mesh Glovettes

{ $3.80 ea } + postage

See also stockings

Pink, Black, Yellow, Lime Green, Purple, Red or White



Mesh Midi Glovettes

{ $8:50 ea } + postage

Black, pink, purple and fluoro green.





Punk's can be guys or girls.
Punk Choker
{$6} + postage

Vinyl Choker with lots of square studs along the length.

Three 'press-snap' sizing studs at back.

Will go up to a large size for men's necks.

For small ladies necks you may need to cut it off and then use a bit of sticky tape to fasten.

Auburn Perm WigCher -  80's wigs
Puff Perm Wigs
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Cyndi Lauper / Heather LocklearBrown Perm Wig{ $32 plus postage }


80's Punk Set

Punk Accessories Set

{$ 35.50} + postage
Wig, choker, punk gloves.

Note : Wig may be any colour
Wear with close-fitting black clothes

Click to see larger photo of 80's Wigs80's Greaser Set

Wig and 'horse shoe' Moustache
{$35} + postage

Note : Hair is a little longer than an afro
This is the same wig as the girl's puff perm

80's Punk Wig
{ $44 } + postage

photo is from the packet


Also Handstraps and studded belts


Rambo Set

Wig and Headband

{ $32 plus postage }

Click to Rambo Page


Mullet Wig and Moustache

Available Separately

Click to Rambo / Biff Page

Click to Hulk Hogan Page

Fishnet Shirt  / Mesh Tank Top

Unavailable at this time

Up to Men's size 42 , OR Ladies size 8-16

Gold Disco Belt

{ $10 plus postage }

Ladies size 8-16

Stretchy, sequin belt with silver clasp at front.
Belt is 60cm, but will stretch to 103cm.

Mannequin in photo is size 14-16

This belt is really a 70's fashion item, but it is photographed here
with 80's fashion to show how it can be used for either era.

Gloves are sold separately


Fluoro, Vinyl Belt

{ $11 plus postage }

Quite long - One size (Fits anyone)
Length of belt - 104cm
Length of hole placement - 84 to 94 cm
Belt is 3.5cm Wide

If you would like extra holes, send me an email and I will punch you a hole
plus holes 2.5cm either side of the measurement you give.
It's best to measure belt you have from the middle of the buckle to the hole you want.

Click to see other colours
Late 70's / Early 80's
{ $45 } + postage
photo is from the packet
Adult size but will fit a larger child


Jacko Gloves
Sparkle - one side only
Single glove, right hand only

Diamonte Glove $34 + Postage

Sequin Glove $10 + Postage

Sequin gloveJacko Ankle Covers
Sparkly fabric
Elasticised top and bottom.

One Pair $10 + Postage
Wear over socks and tuck trousers in if needed.

See 80's Wig's for Michael Jackson Wig

Punk Leggings

$20 + postage

Printed, lycra leggings.
Stretchy, footless tights

All detail, such as holes, zips, chain belt
and fishnet showing through, is printed on.
Fishnet stocking pantihose are sold separately
if you want the fishnet feet like the picture.
See also stockings

Punk chokers, mesh gloves etc sold separately, see above.

Leg Warmers - Stay-up

8 Colours to choose from

Black, White, Purple
Lime Green, Fluoro Yellow
Turquoise, Orange or Hot Pink

'Elasticised' banded top and bottom

Thigh-high, 55cm in length.

One Size fits all
{ $17 }
+ postage





Land of Oz Hire Service
Address : 401 Blacktown Rd, Prospect,  2148

 Ph: (02) 9896-1396 
Mobile Ph: 0425-23-7938

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