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Diamond Iron-on Patch
Demo Video coming soon

Black Jockey Diamond Patch
{$6 each plus postage}

Patch is ready to be ironed on to a garment.
(purchase only)

Fully embroidered patch with iron-on backing
Measurements are 25.5cm tall and 12.5 wide.

Set of 2 
$10 plus postage

Optional (but the best thing to do)
You can fix it with stitching after ironing.
Sharps points easily pull free of the garment.

NOTE : You will need to get 2 Sets (that's 4 in total)
 to do the back and front

Note : Posting within Australia only, International orders please see click here.


1. Put the patch with the sticky (smooth and shiny) side upon the clothes you would like to attach it on.

2. After preheating, iron the patch from the front side for 10-20 seconds to make it fixed.
You may use a pressing cloth over the patch and garment, if the fabric is delicate, or prone to heat damage (most synthetics)

3. Put the clothes or the other textile with sticky patch upside down ,then iron the sticky patch from the back side to ensure its stability.

4. Finally, iron the front side again for 1-2mins to ensure its smoothness with the garment.


Optional (but the best thing to do) - You can fix it with stitching after ironing.

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