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Black and Gold Striped

{$8 ea} plus postage


Includes eyelash glue

These are Black and Gold Striped

Other colours coming soon            See more Make-up

Gorgeous 'Priscilla' type eyelashes.

Easy to apply.

Eyelash glue included for multiple uses.

Just keep the packet to store them in.


These are Black and Silver Striped
{$8 ea} plus postage.

Includes eyelash glue

These are plain Black
{$8 ea} plus postage

Includes eyelash glue

Tips : found on the internet

Look in a mirror and have a look and see where will be the best position for them...

make sure you have no make up on your eyes..
except mascara on your eyelashes...

put a little bit of glue all across the bottom of the lashes that
are going to go on your eye...
hold it there but not pressing down on the actual place with the glue..
your finger will get stuck and will pull the eyelashes off

wait until it is partly dry and get going on the other one

once you're done you're done !

then add the eye-shadow if you want any on 

1.size them to your eyes, and trim if needed
(like putting them on but without the adhesive)

2.apply the adhesive (preferably waterproof)
to the bottom of the eyelash where eyelashes are connected
3.let the adhesive stand on the eyelash for at least 30 seconds
and then apply

4.adjust them with tweezers and make sure
the edges are not coming off

5.apply mascara and voila!

its a lot easier if you put eyeliner on first

Land of Oz Hire Service
Address : 401 Blacktown Rd, Prospect,  2148

 Ph: (02) 9896-1396 
Mobile Ph: 0425-23-7938

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