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Australia Phone : 02-9896-1396             Mobile :0425-23-7938             International Phone : 61 2 9896 1396

Glasses - costume

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Other photo's coming soon

Dame Edna Glasses

Retro Sparkle Glasses

HIppy / Lennon glasses

HIppy / Lennon glasses

Blues Bros Sunglasses Austin Powers / Nerd Glasses Frame Hary Potter Glasses HIppy / Lennon glasses

Retro Socialite Glasses

Skull Hologram Glasses


Elvis Sunglasses

Santa Glasses Frame

Purple Heart Glasses

Disco 70s Glasses

Dame Edna Specs

{ $10 + postage }

Plastic frame and clear plastic lenses

Dame Edna

Disco Shades with dangling balls
{ $10 + postage}

Please call to order
(Silver or purple)
The balls hang from the ends of the arms. (UV rated 400)

Aussie Flag Sunglasses
{ $10 + postage}

(UV rated 400)

Purple Heart Glasses

{ $12 + postage }

Purple Heart

Blues Bros Sun-Glasses

{ $5 + postage }

Plastic frame and dark plastic lenses

Blues Bros

Other Blues Bros Accessories

Small Hat
{$12} + postage

Men's Hat
{$17} + postage

Thin Ties
{$7} + postage



50's Socialite Glasses

{ $10 + postage }


Socialite Glasses


 Adult's or child Size
Austin Powers
Frame only, no glass or plastic

Man Size - Adult's only
Clark Kent
Clear, plastic lenses

Clark Kent / Austin Powers / Nerd

{ $5 + postage }

Please specify if you'd like like regular size.
The "man-size" will be sent by default.

Austin Powers / Nerd

Check out the super patches as well

Lennon Glasses
Various colours
Note : Various colours may be out of stock
Please provide phone number and email in case of problem.
{ $5 + postage }


Wire frame, coloured plastic lenses.

Lennon Glasses

Note : Yellow colour is 
almost orange.


60's Sparkle Retro Glasses

{ $8 + postage }



Sparkle Retro


Santa Claus Frames


{ $4 + postage }

Wire only, no glass or plastic


Santa Claus

Photo coming soon

Round Gold Frames


{ $9 + postage }

Wire only, no glass or plastic

Elvis Presley Glasses

{ $10 + postage }

Plastic frame and dark plastic lenses

Elvis Presley

Round frames with glass lenses
Skull hologram is seen by others.
The wearer feels like wearing shaded glasses,
no hologram is seen from wearer's point of view.
Three photo's showing the colours of the hologram from different angles.

Skull Glasses
{ $5 + postage }

Skull - round

Harry Potter Glasses
{ $5 + postage }
Black plastic frame and clear plastic lenses

Harry Potter "Google Eyes"
{ $5 + postage }
Black plastic frame and clear plastic lenses
Lenses are thicker at outside circle but
still normal in centre. Vision is fine.

Harry Potter


Go to Harry Potter page

Wizard's Wand

Harry Potter Style
Approx. 30cm
Plastic (looks like wood)

{ $6 + postage }

Link to Harry Potter Page




Goggle costume glasses

Old style Pilot - Steam Punk

All rubber frame, painted black and clear plastic lenses

{ $8 + postage }



Beer-goggle glasses

Green plastic goggles - Steam Punk

Transparent green plastic glasses in the shape of beer mugs.
Green, clear plastic lenses.
Elastic around the back of the head.

{ $8 + postage }


Purple, flower hippy Sun GlassesRed/Yellow, flower hippy Sun Glasses

Flower Power / Hippy Glasses

{ $10 + postage }

Sturdy plastic, multi-colour frames
with dark plastic lenses.

Please specify if you would prefer purple, pink, blue or red.
Otherwise a random colour will be sent.

NOTE : This item is posted in box, making sure you get your glasses undamaged

Land of Oz Hire Service
Address : 401 Blacktown Rd, Prospect,  2148

 Ph: (02) 9896-1396
Mobile Ph: 0425-23-7938

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