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Hats and Headwear
<Click on a photo to see a larger picture plus info>

Note : Hats sometimes have a higher postage

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Pimp Hat Godfather Hat Police Hat Black Top Hat Sailor Hat Flapper Headband Pink Genii Hat - Jeannie
Pimp Hat

Gangster Hat

Pilot Hat Police Hat Purple Velvet Top Hat Yacht Captain Hat Flapper Headband Red Genii Hat - Jeannie

Blues Bros Hat

Police Hat Gold Top Hat Admiral Hat Pope Mitre
Cocktail hat Gangster Hat Police Hat Silver Top Hat Sailor Marine Hat Pope Mitre
Red Fez Hat Mini Top Hat Safari Pith Helmet Wizard Hat, Wig and Beard - Grey Wizard Hat - Gandalf

Pimp Hats
Several Styles
Leopard Hat

Adult Size

Purple Hat

Adult Size

{$14} + postage
{$20} + postage

Please call to order ....

See more Pimp Accessories

Admiral Hat

Admiral Hat

Yacht Captain Hat

{$18} + postage


{$12} + postage


Yacht / Sailor captain Hat

Sailor's Marine Cap

{$10} + postage

Sailor's Cob Hat

{$8} + postage

Sailor's cob hat

Police Hat USA
{$12} + postage
(Plain Black)


Police Hat UK
{$12) + postage
(Checked Band)

See more Police costume accessories

Black Special Police HatDark Blue Special Police HatSpecial Police Hat
{ $ 12 } + postage

Badge (silver) is fabric and sewn on.
Dark Blue or Black Colour with black brim

Please call to order ....

Biker Cap
{$14} + postage

Peaked Cap with silver chain across front.
One size fits most adult - decent sized
Soft, black vinyl fabric.

Headband {$18} + postage

Sequin stretchy band, with silver beaded decoration
2 tall feathers


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Top hats
{$21} + postage
Black Satin, Green Felt, White or Purple Velvet



Purple Velvet Top Hat

Top hats

Silver or Gold   {$12} + postage


There are only a few of these left because the supplier has discontinued this top hat.

Mad Hatter Top Hats

Green or Purple Velvet with 10/6 card and Peacock feather
Very Large Head size - Easily fits a bulky wig and any head size

{ $55 ea} + $18 postage

Please order by phone

Indiana Jones Hat

{$17} + postage

Brown with brown band


See more Gangster Accessories

Gangster Hats  {$17} + postage
Al Capone - Black (with White Band )
Godfather - White
( with Black Band )



Regular - Black (with black Band )
{$17} + postage

Pinstriped(with black Band )
{$21} + postage

Gangster Hats

Ladies Fedora Hat


Black flocked fedora style Hat.
A little smaller in size than the hats above

Also good for children's heads.

Ladies Gangster Hat


Soft, but sturdy Striped fedora style Hat.
A little smaller in size than the hats above

Very Dark Blue (almost Black)

Pilot Hats / Caps
Regular or Captain

Regular Hat
Adult Size
Pilot Captain Hat
Adult Size
{ $12.50 } + postage

{$ 16 } + postage

Please call to order....

Pilot Hats / Caps

D.I.Y. Aviator Set
Old style Pilot - Steam Punk
{ $20 + postage }

Plastic goggle frames, all black hard plastic, flex's at center.
Elastic around the back of head.
Note : These are adult size frames, for a child,
you may wish to purchase the smaller, soft rubber goggles.

Brown, suede look, fabric hood.
Flap above ears can be left down or velcro'd up.
Short strap with velcro under chin
There is an inside lining that sits over the head,
a person with a large will need to cut the lining open.
A child will need the lining left in.
You can decorate the  hood with studs, buckles etc as you like,
OR just wear it as is.

Genii / Jeannie Head-dressGenii Head-dress

Pink, Red, Black or Purple

{ $12:00 + Postage }


Genii Head-dress

Wizard Hat - Gandalf


Wizard Hat

{ $27 }

(Unavailable at this time)

Already shaped with bendable, wired edge.
Tan, 'suede look' fabric.
Stitched-look decoration.


Hat, Wig and Beard Set
Great for kids or adults

{$22 ea} plus postage

(Unavailable at this time)

Wizard Hat

Wizard Hat, Wig and Beard - Grey

Pope Mitre (WHITE)
Soft, plush fabric.
Will fit a small adult head.

{ $12 }

Please call to order ....

Cardinal Mitre (RED)
Stiff Cardboard Hat covered in fabric
Very good quality. Large Size.

{ $29 }

Please call to order ....

(Religious Hats)



Mini Top Hat

Black Satin with Elastic

Note : Hat is too small for a head,
it will perch on top.

{$10} + postage

Please call to order ....

Wally Beanie / Elf Cap

{ $11 + postage }

Will fit any adult head size. Quite large.
Knitted striped beanie.

Cut off bell for use as 'Where's Wally' beanie.

Around one third of the hat has been folded up for the photos on the mannequin heads.



Red and Green Elf Hat
With Bells

{ $5 ea plus postage  }

Will fit any adult head size. Quite large.
Made from felted fabric.

Six bells around the side points,
and one on the hanging point.


Boy George Hat
With attached plaits

{ $22 ea plus postage  }

Will fit most adult heads.
Made from stiffened felt.
Card weight, quite lightweight.

Eight plaits around the sides.


Robin hood / Pinocchio Hat

Soft, fabric, but looks like distressed leather.
Khaki green colour

Will fit a any children's or adult's head.

{ $17 } + postage

Please call to order ....

Cocktail Hat

{ $17 } + postage

Black cocktail hat with feather decoration and long mesh veil.

Note : You can cut the veil to any length you like.

Safari Pith Helmet
{ $6 } + postage
(posted in a box so postage is more expensive)

Small Size. Lightweight plastic
Army camouflage printed design

With filmy scarf tied around hatWith rambo tie tied around hatWith rambo tie tied around neck


Spanish Hat

{ $17 } + postage

Stiffened felt hat, flat crown and brim with turned edge.

Trimmed with red ribbon button, and bobble fringing.


Bicorn Hat
{ $22 } + postage

Stiffened felt hat already shaped into bicorn.

Trimmed with gold braid, button, and fringing.



Use for
Captain Cook
Captain Arthur Phillip
Captain Bligh from the Bounty
Pride and Prejudice - Mr Darcy
Colonial America

SEE BELOW for trimming.


Bicorn Hat with feather
{ $29 } + postage

Stiffened felt hat already shaped into bicorn.
Trimmed with gold braid, button, and fringing.

Note : Feather is loosely tucked into the hat fold and removable.
If you want it to hold there in windy weather, or when waved around,
you will need to superglue it yourself


Use for
Colonial America

Cowboy Hats

Brown and black

Coming Soon


Land of Oz Hire Service
Address : 401 Blacktown Rd, Prospect,  2148

 Ph: (02) 9896-1396 
Mobile Ph: 0425-23-7938

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