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Crinoline Style Hoop

You can  have a hoop made-to-order

Appropriate notice must be given.

All hoops in stock are for hire only.
Buying a hoop requires one to be 

Photo's coming soon

These hoops can also be mail-order hired
Australia only

All ladies sizes

Bottom hoop is 360cm circumference
That's BIG.

Hoop Info

Drawstring ties around the waist.
You will need to tie the drawstring firmly
in a strong, shoe-lace style bow.

Three flat, springy, metal hoops keep the shape.

The hoops will flex as you pass through doorways,
or get in and out of cars.

Hoops are not very heavy, the garments
worn over the top are usually far greater in weight.

They are usually made from cotton or 
poly/cotton fabric, and are very comfortable.

Please check the instructional video to see 
how you can best sit down in a hoop.

Photo's coming soon

Video Pics coming soon.

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