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Princess Leia Wig

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{$38 ea} plus postage.

photo is from the packet

Adult size but will fit a larger child.


This wig does NOT accommodate VERY large heads,
people with a VERY large amount of hair.

Instructions for Wigs

(If you have long hair then put in a ponytail at the base of your head)

1: Put wig on head as best you can.

2 : When it doesn't work properly, get someone to help.

3 : Have one of you press on the wearers forehead, through the front of the wig.

4 : The other person gently (but firmly) pulls the wig down at the back of the head.
Elastic must go over the ponytail elastic if your hair is tied back.

(Try not wrench the wearers head off!!!!)... :-)

5 : The wig should grip at the forehead and under the back bone of the skull.

6 : You may need to GENTLY ease the wig back to the natural hair line.

7 : Tuck in any strays wisps around the hairline, and tuck any pony-tailed hair up into the wig.


A tip from Annette

It is best to do any brushing of the wig before
you put it on, then just do a little touch up

Any time a wig is brushed,
some of the hair will come out.

A tip from Annette

This wig can be washed.
However, any wig priced under $100 should be considered a 'party quality' wig.
If you wash it, it is unlikely to ever look as good.

Plan to give it to the kids for dress_ups
after you've used it.

Washing instructions

Hand wash in warm water with a little clothes washing detergent premixed in the water.

Rinse in warm water with a little fabric softener in the water.

Spin water out in washing machine, give the wig a bit of shake then hang on line or similar to dry.

Note : it is best to wash between uses if....
you are a sweaty person,
someone else may wear it next,
it may be put away for a while before being used again.

Wigs should be brushed after washing while they are still wet, but before you hang it up.
(this saves a lot of effort detangling later)
DO NOT wash in washing machine, unless you want a bird's nest!

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