Land of Oz Hire Service

Australia Phone : 02-9896-1396             Mobile :0425-23-7938             International Phone : 61 2 9896 1396

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Land of Oz Hire Service

$$ Payments Accepted $$

  Cash : of course

But only in store

Note : Purchase items, such as costumes and accessories,
are NOT tried on in-store.

Only the costumes for hire are tried on.

Credit Cards


You can 'Phone Order' with a credit card

You'll need to call on the phone to order.


You don't need to have a PayPal account to pay with PayPal.

You can PayPal with your credit card
pay directly from your bank account.

Note : There may be a time delay, and you'll need to sign up with PayPal,
WHEN paying from a BANK ACCOUNT.

If there is no PayPal button just phone or send an email.
You will receive a PayPal request for the order amount.
Pay with PayPal even without a PayPal Account

Land of Oz Hire Service Standard info table

Address : 401 Blacktown Rd, Prospect,  2148

 Ph: (02) 9896 1396
Mobile Ph: 0425 23 7938

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