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Men's Neck Ties


Available in various colours - Thin and Regular Width

Hogwarts House Coloured Ties
{ $10 + postage }
YES, these are real ties.
Two-toned Striped tie.
Glossy Satin with raised weave, lined with black.

Length 140 cm from tie point to tie point.
8.8 cm at widest part.

Gryffindor Tie

Slytherin Tie
Ravenclaw Tie
Hufflepuff Tie


Thin, black, vinyl Ties

{$14} + postage

Looks like leather.
Soft Vinyl, nicely made.
Good quality.

Perfect for an 80's Retro look with white, oversized collared shirt
and black (trousers with tucks) pants or tight jeans.
Try to tie the knot quite small for the 80's

Great as a "Blues Bros" tie


Length from point to point is ???cm

Width at widest point is ???cm

Thin, plain Ties
{$7} + postage


Thin Style for 80's
Black tie - wear with white shirt for Blues Bros



Wide, plain Ties
{$8} + postage


White tie wear with black shirt for Gangsters

Wide Ties
{$10} + postage

Pre-tied with Elastic and clip
White only


White, satin tie to wear with black shirt
for Gangsters
YES, it's a real tie. Pre-tied and ready to slip on.

9.5 cm at widest part
Length approximately 49 cm from top of knot to base of tie point.
White, satin tie with elastic around the neck and  adjustable clip.


Multicoloured, Satin Ties

{$??} + postage

Reasonable quality.

Perfect for a 60's Retro look with a coloured shirt.

Great as a "Retro" tie


Length from point to point is ???cm

Width at widest point is ???cm



Narrow black Ties
Striped jacquard fabric.

{$10} + postage
5 cm at widest part
Length of tie is 150 cm.
This is a very nice, high quality tie.
YES, it's a real tie.

Suitable for school formals for teenagers.
Suitable for funerals for youths and boys.
Note : You may need to cut shorter for small boys.


Bowties - Sequin

( $8 plus postage )